New Issue: From the Editor, Reva K. Singh

The cover feature is a long read about the newly formed Sommeliers Association of India, which I first heard about in December last year.

Amrita Singh and her business partner Mattia Antonio Cianca met me in Delhi to discuss a very special project they were working on and expressed the hope that I would come on board. I listened carefully to what they had to say. They seemed very committed and excited. The fact that it had something to do with sommeliers piqued my interest. (After all, my magazine is called Sommelier India, as Mattia pointed out.)

Mattia is an award-winning sommelier and Amrita is on the fast-track to becoming the next Indian Master of Wine, albeit based in Bordeaux. What they had in mind was a national association for sommeliers in India that comes within the ambit of international sommelier organisations by being a part of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale. Ruma Singh has the story (p.22).

With the formation of the Sommeliers Association of India the world of wine and fine dining in India is poised to scale new heights. Its mission is to elevate the sommelier profession in the country, fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of wine service, food and beverage pairing. With its sights set on rigorous education, professional development, and the promotion of ethical standards, SAI seeks to establish India as a formidable player on the global sommelier stage.
On a separate note, Gagan Sharma weighs in on the BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) trend (p.30), navigating corkage fees and the future chances of a seamless dining experience when taking your cherished bottles to restaurants. Michele Shah transports us to the stunning slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily (p.36), where the unique terroir produces wines of remarkable character and complexity.

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Explore the rich history and distinctive flavours of Madeira wine with Carol Wright (p.42), a fortified gem from the Portuguese island of the same name. Meanwhile, Devati Mullick compiles a bucket list (p.70) of wine and adventure travel around the globe.

In our Burgundy feature, Raymond Blake describes a rare vertical tasting of seven vintages from Domaine Dujac’s premier cru, Gevrey-Chambertin ‘Aux Combottes’ (p.50). Moving to the south of France, Elizabeth Gabay spotlights Bandol’s rising reputation for bold, structured red wines crafted from the region’s star grape, Mourvèdre (p.56).

Elsewhere, Kaveri Ponnapa interviews Chef Regi Mathew about his award- winning restaurant (p.76) specialising in the home cooking of Kerala, while Bunny Suraiya writes from Italy about her dining experience at Al Garamond restaurant in Turin, at ‘an amazingly reasonable price’ (p.80).

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