If you go to Goa visit SoGo Bar and Grill

The eye-catching bar with an impressive display of labels

Visit SoGo Bar and Grill for its unique vibe

One thing becomes clearer as I visit Goa more often now. What makes or breaks a place in Goa isn’t necessarily its drinks, or the food, or even the service, it’s the vibe. Yes, an all-encompassing emotion of being at that place. Think of it like terroir in wines, hard to describe, but it’s what makes Montrachet from Burgundy more than just an easy drinking red.

South Goa is a haven for cultural, easy, community-driven living. And the bar that has steeped in its essence that South Goan ‘vibe’, is the newly opened SoGo Bar and Grill. From the sailor
who was at the helm of the now-defunct Bar Tesouro, Donnovan Vaz, comes this new gem which is already becoming worth a special journey to the southern end of Goa.

The recently opened SoGo Bar and Grill in South Goa features tempting bar food, soups, salads and dessert and a wide range of drinks

You walk in, and are greeted with wide smiles, making you feel welcome at once. The bar, stacked with an impressive display of labels catches your eye, affording you a tantalizing possibility of
what you’ll end up drinking tonight. A massive all-glass wall invites you to step out onto the balcony that overlooks a vista of endless paddy fields, dotted with coconut trees. All you want to do is
hold a classy Feni highball, and indulge in susegaad, that typically Goan relaxed, laidback feeling that’s so hard to define. As that highball and the evening fade, one witnesses the sunset painting the sky with hues of yellow, orange and purple… picture postcard pretty.

Back at the bar, the drinks are mixed smartly by the talented bartender, Tobias Carvalho, who is back on his home turf after a long run at places like Ellipsis in Mumbai, Tresind in Dubai,
Home at PVR Director’s Cut in Delhi, and as the brand ambassador for Terai gin.

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The drinks menu comprises four parts — Feni Copinhos, Spirit Forward, Tall and Fizzy, and Veggies and Fruits. All drinks come with a side-serving of storytelling and a play of ingredients that makes you go ‘mmm’ in enjoyment. Toby ensures that there’s an element of localization in his drinks wherever possible, through the narration of stories, ingredients, styles and titles, which appeal to locals and visitors alike.

As the evening set in, we turned our attention to SoGo’s select dishes. The Jorge-styles steak was definitely on our list, but first came the servings of liver paté, grilled prawns, and the not-to-be missed beef sandos and crumb-fried fillets of tenderloin, which we just couldn’t stop eating.

The flavours were great, the food absolutely fresh, and done just right. Everything is designed to make you want to stay longer, be at ease, and enjoy the outing a little more.

If you need a reason to spend a few extra days in South Goa, make it to SoGo.