Wines to die for at a 50th wedding anniversary dinner

Dhruv and Rati Sawhney’s 50th wedding anniversary provided the perfect occasion for the magnanimous hosts to serve rare, large format bottles to their circle of wine loving friends and family in New Delhi. Vidhi Tambiah was among the privileged guests.

Dhruv and his sons Tarun and Nikhil are well known for their wine connoisseurship, but even they had never opened Nebuchadnezzars, much less figured out how to pour the wine from such monsters to serve 150 guests. Neither, it turned out, had Sanjay Menon, India’s foremost fine wine guru. However, never daunted by such issues, this dedicated group of self-confessed “wine-nuts” devised an ingenious way to siphon the large vessel contents into empty normal sized bottles using a plastic tube.

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