A Crash Course in Wine by Jancis Robinson

Book review from Sommelier India Issue 1, 2016

So you want to be a wine expert, but don’t have the time to delve into authoritative tomes of the kind Jancis Robinson is renowned for. She is best known for “Wine Grapes” (Allen Lane), “The Oxford Companion to Wine” (OUP) and “The World Atlas of Wine” (Mitchell Beazley).

And now here’s another gem from Jancis.

A slim guide, “The 24-hour Wine Expert” is a complete departure from the many books she has authored and edited so far. A distillation of 40 years’ worth of experience, this 100-page primer is an easily digestible shortcut to wine expertise and the kind of handy guide that will appeal to a wide cross-section of people.

Worried by questions like “How much will a good bottle of wine cost? Which wine is best with Asian cuisine? What does a ‘full-bodied’ wine mean?” This slim paperback from the world’s most trusted wine expert will set your doubts to rest.

From a tour of regions and grapes to basic wine terms; interesting alternatives to wine choices; tips on how to navigate a wine list to exposing myths and demystifying wine in general, Jancis is the ideal person to give you the confidence of an expert in the shortest possible time.

Jancis Robinson was the first person outside the wine trade to qualify as a Master of Wine in 1984. Her award-winning website www.JancisRobinson.com is updated every day. She is the wine writer for The Financial Times of London. And, last, but not least, she is also a Sommelier India columnist. Publisher Penguin. Price £4.99

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