A Guide to Decanting wine from Christie’s wine specialist

Christie’s wine specialist, Charles Foley decants a bottle of old Burgundy with a Fabergé decanter and gives us some tips on how to go about it

Decanting wine is a theatrical procedure that adds drama to even the simplest of dinners. An entire culture of equipment, techniques and tricks has grown up around the theatre of decanting. The purpose of decanting is threefold; to aerate a wine, to remove sediment, and to add a sense of drama to a dinner-party. Tannin is the fine mesh in a red wine that gives it structure. Aerating the wine is similar to shaking a crumpled blanket or a throw on a bed. The air smooths the creases and crinkles so that the tannin appears plump and rounded. Here are 8 tips to enable you to become a master of this dramatic art.

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