A new wine club opens in Delhi

wineclubdelhi.jpgWe are pleased to note the growth of wine culture in the capital marked by the proliferation of wine clubs. To cater to a different demographic than that served by the established clubs in the city Isheeta Gupta has launched Saturday Wine Club at Ai which sounds like a fun place to be.

“The idea is to encourage people in the age group of 25 upwards who are keen to start drinking and learning about wine but don’t know where to start – people who want to learn while having fun,” says Isheeta.
Events will be held once a fortnight on Saturday nights from 8.30 – 10.30 pm for roughly 40-50 guests. Four wines will be served at each event. Depending on the weather and availability of wine, the events will have a mix of red and white wine and possibly sparkling wine.
“Eventually we will also do Champagne tastings and horizontal tastings of the same grape from different countries. We will be presenting wines from a range of suppliers,” adds Isheeta, whose father imports wine. His company is called Amfora Wines.
A sommelier will be hired to conduct the tastings and also interact with the guests in an informal way. “To keep posted on events, members may join our Facebook group,” says Isheeta. “Attendance is mainly by advance booking since the events are small so we encourage people to book so they are not disappointed later.”
The club is looking for sponsorship for its events. “Since Ai is a premium restaurant, we are looking to tie up with luxury brands,” she says. “Sponsors will have the opportunity to interact with their target audience and be associated with wine at one of Delhi’s top restaurants and bars.”

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