A new wine club rises in the East

Four Seasons 021.jpgCalcutta Wine Club was set up on 16th July 2008 with 12 founder members from diverse walks of life. They were a mixed group, constituting people from the hospitality sector and liquour industry, media and marketing professionals, a film maker and a professional tea-taster – the common link being a genuine interest and passion for wine.

Currently the club has 42 ardent wine enthusiasts as members and the numbers keep growing.
“The whole idea behind starting the club was to bring together wine afficionados in this part of the country on a common platform, to propagate the wine culture among people of different age groups and segments of society, to impart knowledge on various aspects of wine and wine appreciation, the prophylactic qualities of wine, wine etiquette and the nuances of wine drinking.
“As Robert Mondavi famously said, ‘Making good wine is a skill. Fine wine is an art’, and each one of us strongly believes that,” said Subhasis Ganguli, President of the Calcutta Wine Club.

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