Swiss cuisine & Four Seasons wines at ITC Maurya

Chef WyssC.jpgPeter Wyss, executive chef at Gstaad Palace since 1972 was recently in Delhi as part of Four Seasons Gourmet Diaries, a gastronomic experience in association with the “Celebrity Chef Series” of the ITC Maurya and the Consulate of Switzerland. Wyss attaches great value to basic essentials. Speaking about Swiss food at the luxury five star, Gstaad Palace, he said, “We provide a good and authentic cuisine of exceptional quality without following every trend.”

The visiting chef’s seasonal kitchen at home is light without being molecular. Expertly prepared and presented with the assistance of the ITC chefs, the authentic Swiss dishes that emerged from the Westview kitchens in Delhi were as good as they come. And the Four Seasons wines that accompanied it was more than equal to the occasion, establishing without doubt the food-worthiness of Indian wines.
The Bouvet Brut Rosé Excellence, a salmon pink sparkler from the Loire, is equally successful as an aperitif as it is paired with food. Although produced in the Loire Valley and French by origin, Bouvet Ladubay wines belong in the UB Group’s Four Seasons portfolio. Served as a welcome drink, its refreshing effervescence of ripe strawberry flavours and floral aromas prepared dinner guests for the main meal ahead.
Four Seasons’ Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, matured in French oak, which lent the tannins in the wine a creamy vanilla character and additional complexity, was more than equal to the main course of Roast rack of lamb, as was Four Seasons Shiraz with its spicy, blackcurrant character. But the wines were less successful with the garlicky Spätzli (pronounced shpet-sluh) pasta, asparagus and dried tomatoes, or the eggplant and polenta lasagna.
Lindt.jpgThe Four Seasons Blush rosé which combined the fresh acidity of a white wine and the structure of a red, was a better match for the Spätzli and lasagna. A delicious Sea bass medallion with asparagus was made all the tastier complemented with Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc. While it’s often a matter of individual taste, the key in food and wine pairing is balance. The food and wine should complement each other; never overpower.
Left: Four Seasons Blush rosé pictured with Lindt bitter chocolate dessert and raspberries

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