Alluring Italian wines and fine dining at 360°, The Oberoi, New Delhi

Kanara Jevan.jpgBrindco, in association with Sommelier India – The Wine Magazine, recently hosted an exclusive wine dinner at the 360 Degrees restaurant of The Oberoi, New Delhi to introduce a fine selection of Italian wines and Italian food prepared specially by world renowned chef, Rolando Beramendi of Allegrini, which is a leading Italian wine producer from the Valpolicella area. Right: Brindco General Manager, Christophe Orlarei and Saurabh Srivastava with other guests.

The evening commenced with guests gathering at the Oberoi Enoteca where a selection of cold cuts with grilled sour dough bread and grilled vegetables filled with goat cheese were circulated along with Rubio San Polo Montalcino, the estate’s entry-level wine, which is 100% Sangiovese and bursting with sweet dark fruit. The wine is very popular with wine enthusiasts, considering its budget-friendly price.
This pre-dinner time gave guests a good opportunity to mix and mingle before reparing to 360 degrees private dining room. The rest of the evening unfolded pleasantly with each course of the five-course dinner and its accompanying wine served impeccably by 360’s experienced staff.
Risotto with radicchio or Garganelli “Rustichella” with duck and orange for the non-vegetarians was paired with Poggio al Tesoro Mediterra. After which came Venetian “peperonata” and Braised lamb “Dolce Forte” with raisins, pine nuts and polenta accompanied by Allegrini La Grola.
This was followed by a very filling platter of assorted Italian cheese with Mostarda di Frutta washed down with Allegrini La Poja. The grand finale of the dinner was “Sbrisolona” or Chocolate Hazelnut Tort with a fabulous Amarone Allegrini.
Poggio al Tesoro is located in Bolgheri, which is a premiere appellation situated in the upper part of Tuscany’s Maremma, south of Pisa. Perfect sunlight throughout the year, the proximity to the sea, and the uniqueness of Bolgheri’s terroirs are reflected in the style of Poggio al Tesoro’s wines in which ripeness, muscular body, and richness are effortlessly combined with complexity and elegance.
The red varietals that make up the wine are fermented separately and then blended together for superior balance and a unique flavour profile. The climate and the terroir at Poggio al Tesoro make for the ideal concentration and balance between structure, aromas and tannins, resulting in lush wines of outstanding class and finesse.
9002.jpg Allegrini’s winemaking philosophy is largely based on the concept of ‘cru’ production: a vineyard dedicated to the production of local varieties destined to become a single wine.This has resulted in the worldwide success of Allegrini crus. Left: Marketing Director Alesandro Vallecchi and Chef Rolando Beramendi of Allegrini.
Allegrini’s winemaking style has focused on emphasizing the local grapes and crafting enticing wines that always show elegance, intensity, concentration and complexity.Palazzo della Torre, La Grola and La Poja, for example, have set the highest benchmarks for Valpolicella wines, and Allegrini Amarone is an ideal example of this style.
The guests who numbered a little more than 20 relaxed visibly as the evening progressed with the flow of fine Italian wine, good food expertly prepared and good conversation.
Both, the visiting chef and the marketing director took turns to provide an illuminating commentary which made the meal all the more enjoyable as guests were better able to appreciate the fine features of the cuisine and excellent wine.

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