Bringing together the worlds of wine and music

winemusic1.jpgWine and classical music have a great deal in common. Just look at the vocabulary alone: words used to describe a good wine are strikingly similar to those used to characterise musical compositions – vivacious, effervescent, elegant, rich…

Over and over again, it is shown how wine actually plays a significant role in music. And of course, there are many classical music lovers who happen to be great friends of wine culture as well.
Inspired by this, a group of serious Austrian music specialists came together and created the concept of combining these two beautiful arts into one work.
Josef Vejvoda, director of the Concerto Classic Wien orchestra – and a musician in this orchestra as well – assembled a group of professional musicians, including conductor Leopold Hager, baritone Anton Scharinger, Dr. Eduard Strauss (great-grandson of Eduard Strauss and great-great-grandson of Johann Strauss I) and especially the orchestra Concerto Classic Wien itself. I also joined, being able to bring my professional wine knowledge and experience to the project.
Together, three pieces of music were selected for each of eight types of Austrian wines. Then, these 24 pieces were performed by the Concerto Classic Wien for a special double-CD.
With this double-CD, wine and music fans together at a wine tasting – at home, for example – can test which of their preferred pieces of music fit best to the wines; a challenge that is not always easy, but nevertheless very exciting. And certainly entertaining!
The interested and curious can order the double-CD, which includes a detailed dual-language booklet, at . Also at this site is a contest in which participants can vote for the best combinations of wine and music.
— Willi Klinger

The price of this captivating double-CD / booklet is € 29.90.

For more information contact:
AWM, Susanne Staggl
Tel.: +43 1 503 92 67

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