Bubbles from a Grand Cru village

sacy1.jpgChampagne Louis de Sacy, a small grower among Champagne’s big names, is proud of its well-priced, high-achieving range of niche cuvées. After exporting around the world, they are now looking towards India, says Ruma Singh

While most Champagne lovers are familiar with names of the big Champagne houses, not everyone is aware that some excellent work is being done by several small growers in the regions around Champagne. One such brand is Louis de Sacy, a less tom-tommed Champagne house situated in the small Grand Cru village of Verzy in Champagne.
The charming house surrounded by vineyards sits on top of a small hill in Verzy. A large portrait of the founder Pierre-Louis de Sacy painted by the famous artist, Nicolas de Largilliere hangs in the foyer. Born in Paris in the 17th century, De Sacy was a well-known lawyer and French scholar.
Today, Louis de Sacy is still family run. Alain Sacy, 12th generation member of the de Sacys, heads the maison. The family has lived in Champagne since 1633. Louis de Sacy based in the heart of the Montagne de Reims, has 20 hectares of vineyards located in Grand-Cru terroirs in and around Verzy as well as in the Côte des Blancs region.
“We are very proud to have a niche in premium export markets, thanks to our range of well-priced Champagnes,” says export manager, Jutta Zimmerman. Priced between 25 to 50 euro a bottle in retail, the range includes the Brut Originel, a blend of 67% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay and 3% Pinot Meunier, a typical expression of their terroir, perfectly balanced with a long finish; the Cuvée Nue, a zero sugar cuvée which is crisp, fresh and delicate, along with a Cuvée Nue Rosé. Both these bottles feature unique inward facing labels, leaving the bottle exterior looking ‘nude’. “Just like the bare simplicity of the wine itself,” said Jutta.
sacy2.jpgAt the top of the range is the Brut Grand Cru (60% Pinot Noir, 5% Pinot Meunier and 35% Chardonnay, with 10% aged in oak barrels), displaying toastiness and finesse. This Champagne has received a 90 point rating by Wine Spectator. And finally the popular Grand Cru Rosé (93 points), with 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Pinot Meunier, and pale salmon in hue, has a full-bodied and elegant expression with berry notes and a long finish.
Louis de Sacy Champagnes have also won a silver medal at the Japan Wine Challenge, 2011, as well as featuring in Wine Spectator‘s Most Exciting Wines of 2009. “Each cuvée has its own style and character, just like a family member,” says Zimmerman. “All of them are worthy heirs, rooted in the genealogy of their outstanding terroir.”
The house makes just 270,000 bottles of which over 55% is exported, mainly to the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Japan, Malaysia and Canada. Their cuvées are served in several top establishments, including the 3-star Michelin Guy Savoy restaurant in Paris and Lufthansa Business class. Their Grand Cru comprises 50% of their sales, with the Originel at 35%.
“We are very interested in exporting to India, and hopefully we should be there soon,” said Zimmerman.
For more information contact, Jutta Zimmerman, Champagne Louis De Sacy, 6 R Verzenay, 51680, Verzy. France.
Ph +33 3 26 97 91 13. Website: www.champagne-louis-de-sacy.fr

Louis De Sacy conducts winery tours only with prior appointment.

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