Burgundy, a must in every wine lover’s cellar says Steven Spurrier

Moulin-a-Vent, Burgundy

Burgundy, both in quality and demand, is on a roll, writes Steven Spurrier. However, due to the severely reduced overall production in 2016, many of the top wines are now priced out of the hands of all but the wealthy and committed collectors, even if they can get an allocation. To quote Laura Seal Decanter magazine’s Market Watch in March 2017, “Experts believe the ‘relentless’ rise of Burgundy shows no signs of abating, but lower yields in 2016 could make it even harder for investors to acquire the most renowned names.”

The key word here is ‘investor’, limited in the past to the top wines of Bordeaux, a select number of ‘collectable’ Grands Crus from Burgundy and the northern Rhône, but such has Burgundy’s quality been since the turn of the century that the wines have now become a must in every wine lover’s cellar. The bad news is the rise in price across all but the lesser appellations; the good news is the quality, whose ‘trickle down’ effect has made these lesser appellations very interesting indeed.

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