Chandon India launches Délice

With the summer in full swing across India, Chandon India has come up with a perfect wine to beat this sultry weather. It’s called Délice and this new sparkler has been Chandon Délice Bottle Image (1)created at their winery in Dindori, Nashik. Made with locally-sourced Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay, Délice can be had chilled, on the rocks or with a slice of fruit, like orange.

From the time, Chandon India entered the Indian market, it has unveiled popular sparkling wines like Chandon Brut and Chandon Brut Rosé. Now, with Délice, Chandon hopes to offer its patrons, a sparkler that’s different from the Brut and the Rosé style. With a chic bottle, Délice is bound to change the way of drinking because it’s best enjoyed in a glass tumbler unlike other sparklers.

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