Celebrating 10 Years of Publication!

si_firstissueHere’s to wine and here’s to SI as we complete 10 years of publication and I look back on early issues of the magazine.

The articles are all interesting in their own way. Even though some may sound a bit dated, they are a wonderful testament to Sommelier India’s 10-year jouney in introducing wine and the wine-drinking culture to India.

“Drinking wine can be an expensive habit and you have to be savvy about what you spend,” I write in an early note from the editor. “Don’t buy a cheap imported wine, just because it’s French. Once the extra costs of shipping and packaging, and custom duties are taken away, the value of the actual wine is so low that its quality is suspect.”

Over the years, we have attempted to unravel the knotty issue of surcharges imposed on wine, while many a writer has commented that a good Indian wine can hold its own with the best, long before we were winning international awards.

Here’s another snippet that has stood the test of time and recalls a popular tradition. “Whatever your personal preferences in wine, Indian or imported, can there be a better way to spend an evening? Social engagements and celebrations are traditionally marked with a drink. One doesn’t just drink, you drink to … life and health, to general good humour, to well-being and good luck, to absent friends. Cheers, happy days, santé, salud, prosit and so on. Each culture or organisation has its own tradition. British regiments drink to the monarch, ‘Gentlemen, the Queen’. And, in a more jocular vein, ‘To the company here assembled. Here’s to us. And those like us. Damn few and they’re all dead’!

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“Humphrey Bogart’s ‘Here’s looking at you, kid’ to Ingrid Bergman in the movie Casablanca, is a reference to the Scandinavian custom of honouring your drinking partner by catching his or her eyes over the rim of your glass. Some people clink glasses. You may know of other traditions.”

Back to the present, you’ll find plenty of engaging content inside, including four very different stories relating to Champagne and sparkling wine. Once again, here’s to wine, to Sommelier India – and to all our readers around the world. Subscribe today to receive your copy in the mail.

– Reva K Singh

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