Delhi wallas take to wine. Consumption up significantly

delhi_india.jpgThe last six months have been exceptionally strong for wine sales in Delhi as they grew by 41% year over year. 25,064 cases of wine were sold as against 17,722 in the same period the preceding year. Note, a case of wine contains 12 750ml bottles. Delhi wallas have 64 different wine brands to choose from at the 450 restaurants, 350 government controlled liquor shops and 89 private shops where wine is available for sale.

Also, during September 5,274 wine cases were sold as against 4,763 last September. And in October between the 1st and the 13th 2,396 cases were sold versus 1,028 the preceding year according to Excise Department data. All in all, very positive signs that more and more people are taking to wine. Do you find yourself drinking more wine every month? Are you trying new labels? Finding new occasions at which to drink wine?
The significant climb in wine consumption is all the more interesting given that there hasn’t been a significant change in the pricing structure or the promotion of wines year over year. Instead what’s happening is that wine seems to be simply catching on at quickening pace.

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