Don’t give wine a bad name!

still life with various glasses and bottles of alcohol

Recently, in Visakhapatnam a group of women from the
All India Democratic Women’s Association sat blindfolded
in front of New Jalsa Wine shop in Santoshnagar, Tatichetlapalem to demand its shifting. They said that shops like Jalsa and others shouldn’t be near schools, temples or residential complexes. Also, the police should come to the aid of people who are fighting toward such an important issue and not intimidate them.

Whether the demands of these feisty women are heard or not remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure, good ole wine is constantly dragged into the news, for all the wrong reasons. It’s obvious that Jalsa sells neither prized nor authentic wine, as it’s a local liquor shop. What’s misleading is that many shops selling liquor are known as “XYZ wine shops” much to the dismay of the real wine retailers and producers.

Thank god that the Indian wine industry is not as big as the French, Spanish or Argentinean, else, all hell would break loose. Instead of women protesting against them, we would have winemakers fighting to remove the word wine from these shops. Probably, a generous winemaker would stand at the corner of a road and even offer the real stuff to those who claim to drink “wine” from shops like Jalsa.

Until that happens, let’s pray that the names of both Indian and international wines continue to be taken with respect. For, in wine, there’s great, grape-stomping truth!

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