Can Barista learn from a little Brooklyn bar?

cocoa3.jpgEarlier today while meandering my way through the heart of Brooklyn, I stumbled upon Cocoa bar which I believe could serve as the model for Barista’s foray into the Indian wine scene. Read on to discover how wine has already successfully found a place in a luxurious coffee shop in a little corner of New York. Shiv Singh reports.

cocoa5.jpgCocoa bar has two identities. By day it is a coffee shop where you can hang out with friends, login to the Internet with wi-fi, nibble on snacks, enjoy the art exhibits or even take a nap on one of the comfortable lounge chairs. Alongside the usual and not so usual nibbles (Baci Tart anyone) and coffees, Cocoa has an extensive selection of chocolates and a matching wine line list too, giving the place a more dynamic identity.
Come the evening (7:30pm to be precise) the bar transforms into a dessert and wine bar with a menu of 40 enticing wines including a few local Long Island ones. This menu brings out the best of the chocolate pastries, truffles, pralines and other Belgian confections as you watch the sun set. cocoa2.jpgThe sleek glass cases that house the chocolates demand your continuous inspection with the wine bottles just above and behind them too. You’re forced to think about wine and chocolate at the same time. It is an explosion of the senses.
Who would not want to visit this wine bar? At 228 7th Avenue in Brooklyn, NY Cocoa bar is just a 30 minute subway ride out of Manhattan and in the hip Prospect Park neighborhood.
Now coming back to Barista and their announcement to enter the Indian wine scene by serving wine and beer. cocoa6.jpgTheir venture into the world of wine could go in many different directions. But the thought of serving both wine and beer can potentially do serious damage to the atmosphere of the coffee shops. They’ll get noisy, crowded and uninviting with a much higher transient customer. My advice – dump the beer and make the Baristas’ a chocolate and wine coffee shop by day and a quiet wine bar with enticing desserts by night. Follow the Cocoa model and we’ll love you for it.

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