Fine wine finds Lucknow – a city of wine

lucknowpic.gifWe, in the wine industry as part of our daily rituals in prayer and salutation to the gods of excise and customs, say a word of thanks to the slowly developing core of wine drinkers who, along with our tireless attitudes and optimistic energies, help propel this industry forward to the dizzy heights we know it can achieve. Cleve Washington, both surprised and gratified, reports on the launch of the FWM Club in Lucknow.

Whilst we appreciate the fact that most of the wine business in this country is centered around the Big 3, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, it is the “little places” of India that not only present some interesting challenges, but by return, offer an insight into the full and positive potentials of the wine industry in a country at present fraught with a whole wealth of bureaucratic ineptness in opposition to it.
Such was the case in the before unheard of “little place” called Lucknow.
On Saturday night, the 17th of April, 500, yes 500, I was there, enthusiastic wine aficionados turned up the volume for the launch of FWM Club, yet another dynamic wine service platform from the ever pioneering fine wine distribution and marketing company FineWinesnMore.
The Genesis Club in Lucknow was the place to be seen, and the Nawabs came, they saw and they conquered all in the name of wine. Centered on a Mediterranean concept resplendent with live cooking stations, a gypsy acoustic flamenco quartet, ethereal belly dancers and all manner of entertainment contributions from a veritable traveling entertainment circus, wine for this evening was placed high upon its deserving pedestal.
FWMclub it appears is well and truly entrenched into the psyche of the wine drinkers of Lucknow, and the FineWinesnMore machine of Dharti Desai, Craig W. Wedge and their young team is already moving on to more of the so-called “little places” around India.

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