First delWine Excellence Awards announced

Winemakers, sommeliers and many noteworthy people from the wine fraternity congregated at The Pullman Aerocity for the delWine Excellence Awards on September 14th. Organised by delWine and Indian Wine Academy president Subhash Arora, noted food columnist and restaurant critic Sourish Bhattacharya and Sonal Holland MW, the awards that were divided into three distinct categories – jury awards, popular perception awards and delWine editor’s choice awards were announced at a well-attended ceremony.

Kapil Grover (fourth from left) receiving the lifetime achievement award from Yasho Saboo of Ethos Watch Boutiques and Tristan Beau de Lomenie, GM Delegate, Pullman and Novotel, New Delhi Aerocity

The jury, apart from Subhash, Sonal and Sourish comprised Tristan Beau de Lomenie, General Manager Delegate, Pullman and Novotel, New Delhi Aerocity; Yasho Saboo, CEO, Ethos Watch Studios and Founder, Chandigarh Wine Club; drinks journalist Rojita Tiwari; Commercial Attaché of the Embassy of Spain, Juan Antonio Obregón; Goa-based hotelier Radhika Bahl; senior Delhi Wine Club member Ranganathan Parthiban and F&B professional, Rifaquat Ali Khan Mirza.

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