11 mile canyon fishing report


He had risen beside a boulder in the middle of the river. I saw the flash of a trout and my rod bowed over. The hatch and the dry fly bite continued. I had to re-rig after the break off. My buddy moved down from me to fish the end of the run that I was working and quickly hooked into a fish that shook him off on the jump. I snapped a picture of my buddy, who had moved down river a bit further, as the storm hit its climax. Basically, this would not be the first time where we’ve been stupid. Several minutes later and I had another take. I went directly to the run where I had landed fish early that morning prior to the winds picking up. As the week of the trip drew near the forecast changed. I walked to the river with two rods in hand. He had taken a blue poison tung. We caught quite a few fish in the 16 to 18-inch range. I assembled the rod, locked down the Redington Rise reel and strung it up with a 6X leader and 6X tippet. I somehow managed to get a take but failed to get the fish into the net. It was time to go back to the dry fly. It has become one of my favorite annual fishing … We were meticulous in choosing the type of water that we fished and kept our eyes open for the spawning beds. It wasn’t long before he landed a nice brown. He said something else. I caught my first fish on a dry for the year on Easter! Weeds did line the position between me and this boulder laden hole. It was getting colder. Several cast after that and there was another rise. I made my way to the river’s edge, immediately spotted fish, and began to casting to them with my nymph rig. Anglers are encouraged to harvest all northern pike caught at … One fish kinda day so I was pretty excited to see this mug! Luckily for me the fish stayed clear of the weeds when making its runs. I continued to fish the nymph rig as my fishing partner rounded a bend in the river and out of sight to me. Prospect lak... Antero Reservoir provides quality fishing for rainbow trout, brown trout, snake river cutthroat trout, rainbow x cutthroat hybrid trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout, and splake. It was definitely a great day! About that time I saw a nose break the surface of the water. An occasional nose would still break the surface but the rises were few and far between. I told him that the fish were rising and that I was switching over to a dry fly. We spent four hours watching icebergs float down the river that day. We'd love to hear from you! We came upon location that looked promising and stopped to check it out. I would stay away on the weekends and focus on fishing during the week. This took some focus with slick snow now covering the ground. Absolutely gorgeous fish! Elevenmile Reservoir provides quality fishing for rainbow trout, brown trout, rain-bow cutthroat hybrid trout, snake river cutthroat trout, kokanee, and northern pike. Access to Eleven Mile Canyon is gained from the bottom of the canyon … My focus was on the strike indicator as it floated by when I heard a splash in the water just up from me. Big Thompson River – Estes Lake Tailwater, Yampa River – Stagecoach Tailwater Section, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Fishing Vacation 2020: Part 2 – Days 3 and 4 (Upper and Middle Rio Grande River). Rather than coming in late that day, the storm would move in overnight on the 9th. It was also amazing at how fast the storm began to dissipate. Not long after that and I landed another small rainbow on the trailing RS2. I watched as the branches of the willow trees swayed back and forth and replied that I wasn’t so sure about that. ago and I haven't been up to keeping up with posting. The end result was a pretty good day on the water. I decided to target a deeper run that typically held fish and adjust tactics as needed from there. Fly Fishing 11 Mile Canyon: Eleven Mile Canyon is an outstanding tail-water fishery full of nice brown and rainbow trout. Runs and Riffles was started in February of 2019 as an extension of one person's fly fishing hobby. Plans were made, schedules were adjusted, and the event was set. I wouldn’t have stayed here long, but… I spotted a few fish and began casting to them. We decided to find another location to fish. I decided to stop casting and watch the water for a while. A few seconds later and a cutbow was in my net. Shortly after that, my buddy put another brown in the net. Eleven Mile Canyon is a fantastic year-round fly fishing spot just outside Lake George, Colorado. At this time the wind was just strong enough that you were aware of its presence. My Sage X was still rigged with multiple nymphs, and the Redington Classic Trout rod was rigged with the Griffith’s Gnat. Also from the dream stream, first brownie ever! Catching fish on a dry fly is always a good time, but I was only hooking up on smaller fish. The Griffith’s Gnat was perfectly lodged into the corner of its mouth. I cast beyond the weeds up river of the deeper water and let my flies drift over the drop off. 31 in. He walked to the opposite bank and began fishing with his nymph rig. The water temperature was between 40-43 degrees and Crystal Clear. Meteorologist called for two to five inches of snow accumulation. My fishing partner missed one not long after getting in the water. We were set to wade fish the Colorado River in the heart of the Rockies…, Part 1 of Fishing Vacation 2020 can be read here… Fishing Vacation 2020 Part 1…. I moved in closer and attempted to work him out of the weeds but he dug his head down. There had only been a dusting of snow covering the ground when we had arrived at the river. Walking several yards up I found a spot where the river quickly deepened that was free from the weeds. Elevenmile’s primary management is coldwater angling. It was a frigid, but good day. The wind was just too strong for me to keep fishing this run, so I moved down river in hopes of finding a spot that would be somewhat protected from the wind.

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