From the Editor: Here Comes Summer!

The Summer edition of Sommelier India has had a long incubation. If the magazine is out and looking good, it’s all thanks to the amazing EIH Press that never lets SI down. Covid-19 challenges continue and we may have to live with the “new normal” of keeping a safe distance and wearing masks. It has affected the wine industry and the way we consume wine consumption.

But there is also an upside to the situation. It has given us pause and arrested the helter-skelter pace of our old lives. Pause to consider the present and its bearing on the future. In the wine ecosystem which has been largely populated by white people, the issue of racism and diversity has gained traction. The digital world is all a-buzz about it and a concerted effort is on for greater individual and institutional inclusiveness in organisations such as the Institute of Masters of Wine and the Court of Master Sommeliers, for example.

Sustainability and the environment is another huge concern. Our cover story, Familia Torres, p30, is a reminder of Miguel Torres Senior’s deep interest in climate change and the steps that are being taken. The Indian wine industry, meanwhile, has moved ahead, not least in concern for the environment and wine tourism, where Sula Vineyards has lead the way.

Covid may have hit the industry a body blow where wine sales are concerned, but ten years on, Nashik, p40, has made great strides. Internationally, too, Indian wineries are doing us proud, with KRSMA Estates in the top 50 of The World’s Best Vineyards and Chandon India, p10, winning a national trophy in the prestigious, ‘Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships’, both for the first time.

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‘Best Buy Wines’, Indian and imported, p12, is a new feature to encourage you to drink wine. Since drinking without understanding what’s in the glass doesn’t make sense, we tell you about two online courses, p11, you might consider to increase your knowledge.

When travel finally opens up, as it will, visit Maremma, p50, one of Italy’s most promising regions. Stories about pioneers in the wine world are legion. Mike Grgich, p56, who came to the US from Croatia, is just one of them. Mornington Peninsula in Australia is becoming known for its Pinot Gris, p46, a grape originally from France. Champagne, as we know only comes from Champagne, p62. Find out what makes it special.

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