Prestige and Reveilo Wines in a win-win alliance for both

In a recent alliance, Prestige Wines and Spirits has added an Indian wine to its portfolio for the first time – the Nashik-based Reveilo brand by Vintage Wines Private Limited. Reveilo Wines is very gung-ho about the new association with Prestige and is looking to tap its market potential to the fullest having just been through a phase of consolidation.

Prestige Wines & Spirits Pvt. Ltd. (formerly TT&G Trading Pvt. Ltd.) is an Indo-European venture that promotes and imports premium wines and spirits into India. The personalities behind it are Mr. Gautam Thapar (Chairman, Avantha), Mr. Miguel A. Torres (President, Torres Group) and Mr. John L.S. Grant (Chairman, Glenfarclas). Vice president of Prestige Wines and Spirits, Sumit Sehgal, based in Delhi, heads the India operations.
Reveilo is the only Indian wine to be distributed by Prestige. Considering the challenges distributors are currently facing in importing international wines, the addition of a respected Indian brand to the Prestige portfolio adds value to its operations and puts to more effective use its existing distribution and warehousing facilities across the country.
Vintage Wines range of wines extends across a broad spectrum and includes a regular and reserve range with international varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot in the reds and Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc in the whites as well as indigenous Italian varietals like Sangiovese, Nero d’Avola and Grillo. Reveilo also offers a top quality Late Harvest Chenin Blanc in its dessert range.
Situated in Niphad about 50 kms from Nashik, Vintage Wines was incorporated in 2002 with technical collaboration from the Italian firm, Enofly. Its family land holdings consist of 215 acres of which 100 acres are under wine grape cultivation. With a 32,000 sq.ft., state-of-the-art winery at Niphad, where the grapes are vinified, the company sold 8,500 cases last year and aims to reach 10,000 cases with greater market outreach this year.
A note from the producers, Yatin and Kiran Patil states, “Owing to enhanced viticultural practices and controlled yields, we had a harvest of great quality and in turn the wines have turned out to be beautiful.”
If what we hear comes to pass – and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t – the consumer has good reason to be optimistic.
“The wines are fresh and cleaner than ever and there is something for everybody,” say the husband and wife team. “We have our regular range for those who like their wines fresh and light. We have our Italian, Premium and Dessert wines for the experimental, who like to try new things. And we have our reserves for the seasoned palates.”

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