10 Indian Reserve Red Wines to Buy

Arros 1

A Reserve is a celebration of all the effort that goes into making a wine. This time around, the Sommelier India Tasting Panel revealed some of the finest reds in a blind tasting. Here’s a list for you to take your pick!

2012 Arros

Appearance Deep ruby core with fading rims, displaying signs of development
Aroma Attractive perfumed nose with sweetness and a hint of toasted oak showcasing a blend of American and French oak, sweet spices, red currants, blueberries, sweet red cherries, and ripe plums, with a fresh floral back.

Palate Dry, ripe and concentrated palate with sweet red fruits, plums, cherries, and dried red florals, candied oak, and toasted vanilla. Restrained fresh oak allows great balance, chewiness, and mellow tannins. Clean acidity allows freshness and balance. Long firm aftertaste with fresh florals, and stewed fresh red fruits.
Comments International quality wine – “Australia meets Bordeaux”. Allow it to breathe.  Can drink now or age another 3-4 years.
Producer York Vineyards; MRP in Delhi Rs 950

2009 Charosa Reserve Tempranillo

Appearance Bright, medium-deep ruby, fading rims.
Aroma Refreshing aromas with smoky tones of candied charcoaled oak, toasted vanilla, tangy red fruits – cherries, plums, currants, berries – with roast turkey, and a hint of roasted shrubbiness.
Palate Clean, dry palate with juicy and refreshingly tangy acidity, fresh raspberries, dark plums, cherry compote, fruity citrus. Round smooth and woody aftertaste, a tad chewy, with huskiness.
Comments Delectable. Drink now.
Producer Charosa Vineyards
MRP in Delhi Rs 2,500

2012 Charosa Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Appearance Opaque core with fading rims and coloured legs displaying heavy extraction.
Aroma Dense nose with a spectrum of aromas. Dusty early tone with developing tertiary aromas of leather, mushroom, and cedar wood. Well extracted and restrained oak of good quality, however unable to conceal the underripe tones at the back.
Palate Dry palate with a soft and smooth mouthfeel. Generous acidity providing the wine with its appealing structure. Masculine body with well-extracted fine-grain tannins, and a dusty aftertaste. Tones of dry beanseeds, edamame, baking spices, crushed florals, dark plums, blueberries, concentrated cola, and crushed pink peppercorns. Long clean aftertaste, with restrained alcohol.
Comments Gripping, complex, and developing. Easy-drinking and can be drunk now or aged another 2-3 years.
Producer Charosa Vineyards
MRP in Delhi  Rs 2,500

2010 Chêne Grande Réserve

Appearance Deep purple core, with signs of development.
Aroma Shut nose with a jammy tone, marzipan, warm spices, dark fruits, and vanilla-laden sweet oak.
Palate Clean dry palate with a chewy texture laced with grainy oak, moderated young tannins, and dried skin. Minerality in the mouthfeel, with notes of dark fruits, candied rose petals, cranberry compote, olive tapenade, and a touch of marzipan.
Comments Short-lived aftertaste, leaving a sharp alcoholic bite. Decant. Ready to drink or can be aged up to two years.
Producer Grover Zampa
MRP in Delhi Rs 1,800

2011 La Réserve

Appearance Deep purple core, tight rims, slight signs of aging.
Aroma Intense and concentrated aromas of dried shrubs, quince, dark currants, dark plums, dark cherries, and raging violets. A tad jammy and pulpy.
Palate Dry palate with fresh and balanced tangy acidity, strong notes of dark and warm spices, black pepper, crushed blackberries, black currants, hints of red currants, and cranberries. Husky and chalky tannins with a
meaty aftertaste.
Comments A good drinking wine. Despite being a Cabernet-Shiraz blend, it showed more varietal characters of Shiraz, undermining the fruitiness of Cabernet Sauvignon. Can drink now, or age for another few months.
Producer Grover Zampa
MRP in Delhi  Rs 950

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2013 RASA Cabernet Sauvignon

Appearance Deep opaque core with fading deep ruby rims.
Aroma Intense aromas of stewed vegetables, smoked vegetables and crushed, overripe, and a tad stewed fruit, dusty oak, earthy tones, with a touch of sweetness.
Palate Dry palate with a syrupy mouthfeel. Dry herbs, a slightly vegetal mid-section, attractively jammy, sweet cherries, bitter dark plums, and candied back palate. Granular back with tangy, jammy, and dried shrubs, with aftertaste of dusky, husky, and woody tones.
Comments Varietal character with ease of drinking. Can be aged a few years.
Producer Sula Vineyards
MRP in Delhi Rs 1,750

2012 Reveilo Vineyards Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Appearance Deep ruby core, fading copper-like rims, maybe a little ahead of its time.
Aroma Pronounced jammy nose with a syrupy tone indicating over-ripe fruit. Ruling aromas were of dark cherries, dark currants,  bitter plums, plums, crushed florals, with a shrubby back.
Palate Dry palate with refreshing acidity, warm alcohol, and a robust body. Starts with a tad green tone, moving to pulpy black fruits – dark cherries, dark plums, blackberry compote – and warm spices with a touch of oak. Finishes with a sweet and spicy tone with a tangy pulpy tinkle.
Comments Decanting recommended. Can drink now or be aged another 2-3 years.
Producer Vintage Wines
MRP in Delhi Rs 1,250

2012 Reveilo Vineyards Reserve Syrah
Appearance Bright colour, medium ruby core with fading rims.
Aroma Perfumed nose, with floral aromas, dried rose petals, roasted meats, rosemary, thyme, candied red fruits, a touch syrupy.
Palate Dry palate with balancing acidity and soft tannins. Candied notes with sweet red cherries, over-ripe red plums, red currants, dried red rose petals, cranberry skins. Touch of oak, but over-done malolactic fermentation.
Comments A little too soft for a Syrah, not varietal. Easy drinking, drink now. Should not be aged further.
Producer Vintage Wines
MRP in Mumbai Rs 1,195

2011 Sette

Appearance Bright, deep ruby, fading rims.
Aroma Pronounced fresh aromas of fleshy red and dark fruits, dark currants, bitter cherries, fresh violets, red currants and underlying softness which will emerge with aging.
Palate Dry palate with aggressive tannins, well utilised oak, blueberries, bumbleberries, black currants, syrupy mouthfeel, marzipan, stony minerality, black tea, chewy, meaty, and a mix of sweet and warm spices.
Comments Doesn’t signify any wine-style, much like a rebellious Super Tuscan. Should be aged another 2-3 years before drinking.
Producer Fratelli Vineyards
MRP in Delhi Rs 1,800

2012 Vijay Amritraj Reserve Red

Appearance Black core with defined deep ruby rims and purple legs indicating over-extraction.
Aroma IIntense nose with aromas indicating signs of over-ripeness. Stewed red and dark fruits, like bumbleberries, cranberries, blueberries, with blackberry skin, crushed violets, and a punchy volatile acidity at the back. Hint of spiciness follows at the back.
Palate Dry palate with a touch of residual sugar confirming over-ripeness of fruit, rendering the wine a tad syrupy and heady. Dry violets, dried cranberries and dark fruit skins, a tad chewy, dusty, and masculine. Rather edgy, and jarring. Lacks balance.
Comments Decant and serve a little cold. Age another 3-4 years
Producer Grover Zampa
MRP in Delhi Rs ,200

Also tasted but not rated, because the wines were heat damaged and off

2009 Four Seasons Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Producer United Spirits
MRP in Delhi Rs 880

2009 Four Seasons Reserve Shiraz
Producer United Spirits
MRP in Delhi Rs 880

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