Indian whiskies to the fore, keep these in your drinks cabinet

Indian single malts, such as Godawan, are making their mark here and abroad

Indian single malt whiskies have come into their own winning international awards. Here, Gagan Sharma lists the whiskies to keep in your drinks cabinet

If there is a drink to mark India’s progress since independence, it would have to be Indian whiskies. As our country has progressed so has our favourite brown spirit. Think about it. The first Indian single malts, Peter Scot and Red Knight, were ahead of their time, and understandably vanished into oblivion without receiving due regard. As we entered the new millennium, our whiskies began to capture the most coveted global awards, turning the heads of international experts and leaving them astonished by our potential. However, since we always had the know how, it came as no surprise to us. We were waiting for our time to come and it has…

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