Indian wine industry makes news

indianwine1a2.jpgThe Indian wine industry seems to have been getting a lot of press recently. First appeared a cover story in Lounge, the Sunday magazine of Delhi’s Mint, then there was an article in the Toronto Globe and Mail, and finally, the Financial Times of London published a report on Sunday which we have already shared with you. Here are the other two stories.

In September last year, two Indian wines Viognier 2010 by Ritu, the export label of Four Seasons, and Zampa Syrah 2008 from Nasik winery Vallée de Vin flew off the shelves at Waitrose, the UK wine and food retailer. As their sales exceeded expectations, Waitrose decided to permanently add them to its wine range. But, while home-grown brands such as Reveilo, Good Earth, Big Banyan, York and Deccan Plateau are being reviewed and recognised internationally, it’s the situation back home that everyone is talking about, says Ruchira Hoon. Read the complete story by Anindita Ghose.

How do you convert a nation of whisky drinkers to wine lovers? asks the Toronto Gobe and Mail? For more read the article by Stephanie Nolen: open Toronto Globe & Mail-Indian wine.pdf

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