Introducing the wines of southwest France to Indians

dropofwine.jpg“Though the wines of Bordeaux are world famous, I feel many wines of small wineries in southwest France produce good wines and offer good value,” says Nathalie Turcon, Managing Director, A Drop of Wine. Vineyards in southwest France trace their origins to ancient times and owe their beginnings to the Romans who planted vines in the area writes Brinda Gill from Pune where the wines were launched.

Yet, it was wines from nearby Bordeaux that went on to become famous as English merchants plied a profitable trade of Bordeaux wines. However, Nathalie and her husband Jean-Christophe Turcon, CEO, A Drop of Wine, who have lived in the southwest, are all set to introduce Indians to the wines of the region. Three single varietal wines from Fronton winery were recently launched in Pune. Based in Pune, the Turcons are importing three wines from Fronton’s Tarani brand: a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, a 100% Sauvignon Blanc and a 100% Gamay.
“While the wines of Bordeaux rely on oak for ageing and aromas, wines of the southwest are more fruit forward and aromatic. Though the Tarani range of wines is known as ‘vin de pays’ or country wine, the wines are sophisticated, have a great length and retain the characteristics of the grape and soil. The focus of the wines is the flavours and aromas of the fruit and not of oak. Fronton wines are an honest product and best enjoyed young.”
The Turcons are also importing a range of gourmet French cheeses that pair well with the wines. They will soon be marketing the wines in other Indian cities as well as importing Inès, an AOC Fronton rosé that was awarded the World’s Best Rosé at Mondial du Rosé 2008, and Rosé Piscine, a party wine.
Tasting notes of Tarani wines:
• Cabernet Sauvignon has a deep red colour with purple lights; a nose of red fruit with faint notes of vanilla; a soft attack and mouth of fresh fruit finishing on roasted beans. Alcohol 12%. Pairs well with spicy Indian cuisine. Best at 15° C
• Sauvignon Blanc has a bright, slightly golden yellow colour with light touches of green; a nose of blackcurrant buds and citrus fruit; a rounded fleshy attack and fruity taste. Alcohol 12%. Pairs well with grilled fish and seafood. Best at 10-12°C.
• Gamay, a rosé, is salmon pink with shades of purple. It has aromas of strawberry, pineapple, melon and citrus fruit with a touch of nuttiness; a soft rounded attack, a taste of red fruit and a hazelnut finish. Pairs well with salads, grilled vegetables, vegetarian Indian, Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. Best at 10-12°C.
The wines are priced at Rs. 1110/ plus sales tax. For further details visit

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