KRSMA wines recently tasted by the Sommelier India Tasting Panel

KRSMA Estate wines recently tasted by the Sommelier India Tasting Panel

Two Sauvignon Blancs and two Cabernet Sauvignons of different vintages were received for tasting from the winery. One of the whites was a barrel sample. The red wines were decanted approximately one hour before tasting. A very different approach was detected in the two reds, which could be due to a change in handling at the
winery or in the cellar. It could also be because of a shift in philosophy by the producer.

Tasting notes by Gagan Sharma

2015 KRSMA Cabernet Sauvignon Deep ruby in appearance with an opaque core. Very closed nose initially which opened shyly to ripe dark fruits, smokey oak, warm spices, stewed fruit and meat. Shows bright acidity, warm alcohol, dusty palate and rough, chewy tannins that will soften with time. Needs long cellaring and hours of decanting before it becomes amicable. With signs of a warm power and aggression of youth which time will fade
but also the promise of a premium Napa Cabernet.

From left: Rukn Luthra,
Gagan Sharma, Atul
Tiwari, Kulbir Singh,
Reva K Singh,
Isabelle and Tristan
Beau de Lomenie.

2017 KRSMA Sauvignon Blanc A brilliant bright appearance with a hint of straw, showing textbook varietal characters of cut grass, eucalyptus and fresh greens. The palate is vivacious with ripe, lime and citrus acidity and crushed florals. A light body that’s easy on the palate with a neat, long finish. An amicable, refreshing wine and a
perfect aperitif that you also carry through the meal.

2018 KRSMA Sauvignon Blanc (barrel sample) It would be incorrect to view this wine through the same lens as the first three. It is still in its infancy and, as such, has to be taken on its own merit. Hazy appearance and a pale onion skin hue. Initial dusty, oaky, closed nose opens to lush florals, sweet fruit, with only a hint of unripe varietal greens. Has the potential to evolve into a serious, well-structured wine, with fine balance and a certain complexity. The SI Panel was privileged to be among the first to closely assess this vintage. It promises to develop into a fine wine that easily competes with previous vintages.

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