UNESCO honour for Pantelleria low bush vine

This is a big recognition for an agricultural practice where vines of the Zibibbo grape have virtually moulded the landscape of the island’s volcanic soil.
Pantelleria, which translates to “very windy”, plants its vines in a unique fashion. The vines are cultivated below ground level, in a large basin to shelter the plant and fruit from strong Scirocco and Levant winds that blow at great speeds on the island. Their heroic viticultural practice doesn’t involve any machines, as it’s very labour-intensive.
As Prof. Pier Luigi Petrillo, curator of the nomination of the Alberello of Pantelleria for the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, noted, the achievement was, “a very complex journey that began five years ago and ended with the inscription, for the first time ever, of an agricultural practice on the Representative List of “The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.
The mayor of Pantelleria, Salvatore Gabriele said, “It is a great achievement for Italy and for Pantelleria. I think it is a great challenge, a great compliment to a community which, over the centuries, has transformed places that are difficult to reach into terraces where an extraordinary product is produced.”

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