Mike, “Tengo”…… Bravo!

mtb.jpgDharti Desai, CEO and founder of FineWinesnMore had the pleasure of hosting a fun-filled evening to announce the launch of MTB wines from Mendonza, Argentina at Blue Frog, Mumbai, on the 20th of October 2009. Suneeta Sodhi Kanga was there. Right: Dharti Desai, Mike Barrow, Suneeta Kanga and Craig Wedge.

Mike Barrow – the winemaker, IT businessman and a pilot – all rolled into one, was present to greet and mingle with the guests in his “wine dipped” white corduroy suit which he proudly displayed to one and all. The story goes that he actually, physically sat in a bathtub filled with his own wine for a photo shoot in the high deserts of the Andes!
“The wines and sounds of Argentina” was the theme to enthrall wine lovers with good food, the MTB wines and with Argentine music legend, Natalio Faingold and Space Garage present as special guests. They played what can perhaps be termed contemporary Argentinean music, bordering on the 70s style. Natalio showed off his skills on the sonic instrument called the Therembin.
Mike Barrow’s wines are single vineyard organic wines. He proudly claims that they attain better soil fertility by natural means – compost, manures, pruning. Weed control is managed manually and with farm animals. Pests and diseases are prevented by using non-toxic substances and with aromatic flowers that attract benevolent insects. In the end, they get a product they are proud of and the viticulture is sustainable too.
The COSTAFLORES MTB TORRONTES 2009 was the wine that welcomed us to Blue Frog that evening. It is made from the signature grape from Argentina and has an extravagantly floral nose of mango and mandarin blossom, intertwined with white peach nuances. A subtle whiff of gun-smoke and wet river pebbles adds a further intriguing dimension. The wine balances fresh zesty, lip-smacking acidity with a deliciously juicy mouthful of flavour and texture. The delicious Mezze platter was the perfect match to the wine.
The COSTAFLORES MTB MALBEC-PETIT VERDOT 2009 was introduced next. The deep reddish purple invites the eye, and the rich brooding chocolate, berry-fruit bomb continues the journey on the nose. The deliciously seductive mouthful of ripe, spicy fruit is further enhanced with fabulously balanced structure and an enduring finish.
According to Dharti these wines will soon be available in fine dining restaurants, five-star hotels and retail shops across Mumbai and will be priced at Rs. 1200. So, for all those Latino and the non Latino aficionados who want to seduce their palates with all the zest, freshness and everlasting appeal of Argentums, lets all, ” Mike, Tengo, Bravo” to MTB wines for the good times to come.

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