More than just a salad dressing

Rosemary George on real Balsamic Vinegar produced in Emilia Romagna in Italy. In conversation with Balsamic producer Andrea Bezzececchi

Andrea Bezzececchi is a man with a cause, and he is passionate and articulate about his cause. He is one of the few producers of real balsamic vinegar, balsamic that is labelled tradizionale, in order to distinguish it from a multitude of inferior balsamic vinegars. Andrea was doing his military service back in 1994, when his father died suddenly, leaving him with a hundred small casks of ageing balsamic vinegar. His father had been equally passionate about balsamic but had only produced it for family and friends. After finishing his legal studies, Andrea turned to vinegar and set up the Acetaio San Giacomo in the village of Novellara, near the historic town of Modena.

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