Nagpur Wine Club Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary

Sharad Phadnis, (pictured) is the Chief Promoter and founder of the Nagpur Wine Club established on 19th January 2011 with the aim of creating and promoting wine culture in Central India. “We started with just eleven wine enthusiasts as its founding members,” says Phadnis. “The club now has 305 life members and has hosted numerous events to promote wines during the past decade. We are looking forward to celebrating our 10th anniversary year with wine related events and hosting our annual Nagpur Wine & Food Festival in December 2021”

The Nagpur Wine Club is based in Nagpur a fast-growing city located in north-eastern Maharashtra. In the past ten years Nagpur Wine Club has conducted many wine tastings and wine education sessions. It has held an annual wine festival, held wine and dine get-togethers and organized wine related tours.  The club’s role in creating awareness about wine  is especially noteworthy as it is located away from the main wine-growing areas of Maharashtra such as Nashik and located more in the physical heart of the state, regarded as the grape and wine capital of the country, stretching down across Narayangaon, Pune, Baramati towards Solapur.   

Nagpur is home to the Zero Mile Stone, a sandstone obelisk built in 1907 during the Great Triangulation Survey,  that marks the geographical centre of India! It is the third largest city, and as the winter capital of Maharashtra, it has many places of interest and  famous national parks that are home to tigers, at a driving distance of a few hours.

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The annual Nagpur Wine & Food Festival (pictured below) is the Club’s most popular event.  The event sees the participation of wineries offering wine tastings and information about their wines, food stalls, other counters exhibiting and selling different products, and live music. It has become an event to be looked forward to by residents of Nagpur, other cities and members of the wine industry.

“We wish to promote responsible wine consumption by encouraging people to try and appreciate wine, know about different wines styles, and the ethos and etiquette related to wine. Our focus is on Indian wines and we only promote Indian wines. The club has gained goodwill from other institutions in the wine fraternity over the past ten years”, says Phadnis. 

He adds that the NWC benefits both members and wine producers. Members learn about wines, receive information on happenings in the industry and discounts on wines from wineries. For wine producers the club provides a great platform of enthusiastic wine lovers. “Wine education plays an important role in spreading awareness of wine and increasing its consumption, and we aim to continue our efforts towards the same in the years ahead,” Phadnis says.

For further details please connect with Sharad Phadnis:; +91-9970882351