Nksha: Mumbai’s Art Deco & North Indian Culinary Gem

A spread of classic north Indian dishes served on a thali at Nksha, the recently opened fine-dining restaurant in South Mumbai

Art Deco interiors, North Indian comfort food and about 70 wines by the glass make dining at Nksha memorable

Nksha is all about comfort food. It is a place to enjoy traditional North Indian food with interesting cocktails and mocktails, and great wines. “About 80% of the menu has authentic, traditional preparations. The rest of the menu, mainly in the appetizer section, has traditional preparations with a slight tweak in the ingredients,” says Chef Vikram Arora. He and Pranav M Rungta are co-founders of Nksha, a recently opened fine dining restaurant in South Mumbai. Located opposite Churchgate Station and a short distance from many of Mumbai’s popular tourist sites, heritage precincts and cultural spots, Nksha is an easy place to access and retreat to after a spot of sightseeing or cultural explorations. On stepping in, one is welcomed by the calming coral and forest green tones of the walls and upholstery; the artistic Art Deco details; the soothing natural light from the large windows; the warm yellow light from the recessed lights and pendant lamps; and tables invitingly set with wine glasses. Catching the eye is a compact bar with a display of spirits on the shelves and wines in refrigerated coolers, with Anurag Godbole, Sommelier and Head of Beverage, mixing a cocktail for a diner.

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