Obama brings cheer back to the White House

obama_hope1.jpgIn an interesting article on the web, “Obama Raises the Bar
by John Dickerson, Slate Magazine reports Barack Obama had a drinks party at the White House on January 28 and invited congressional leaders of both parties. He obviously believes that sobering times do not necessarily require everyone to be sober. In the article click on ‘drank heavily‘ to find out exactly how much the Founders drank!

Dickerson writes, “This is a notable departure from Obama’s predecessor, whose relationship with Congress was notoriously chilly and whose relationship with the bottle ended at age 40. But it connects him to a rich presidential tradition that goes back to the Founders, who drank heavily after signing the Constitution.”
“First, drinking in moderation leads to an equitable distribution of the humors, and we want our president to be healthy,” writes Dickerson. “Second, among adversaries, drinking promotes relaxation and laughter.” As a community organizer, Obama knows the power of getting everyone to recognize themselves in one another. What better way to do that than over a glass or two of wine?

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