CERETTO wines from Piedmont now in India

Federico Ceretto.jpgFederico Ceretto was recently in India. Dynamic and charming and dedicated to his family wine business, Federico is a good ambassador for Ceretto Wines from Piedmont, Italy. Federico visited several cities during his trip to India to promote his wines. We met him at the Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi with Sumedh Singh Mandla, CEO, and Arun Kumar, Director, of Aspri Spirits who are the importers of Ceretto Wines. But first some background. Reva Singh fills you in.(Left: Federico Ceretto in India)

The Ceretto brand reflects the best traditions of the Ceretto family and the Piedmont region. For three generations and over 80 years the family’s mission has been to produce excellent wine and promote Piedmont and Italy throughout the world.
The Piedmont region of northwest Italy produces unique and exceptional wines based mainly on indigenous grape varieties. However, just under half the region is mountainous and the physical conditions are too harsh to support vineyards. Piedmont is divided into two by the River Po. South of the Po and to the southeast of the city of Turin lie the towns of Alba and the hills of Monferrato and the Langhe. This area accounts for most of Piedmont’s grape production in many overlapping DOC zones. The steep slopes of the Langhe hills produce the grapes for several DOCs as well as Piedmont’s most famous red-wine DOCGs – Barolo and Barbaresco.
Riccardo, the founder of Ceretto Wines planted the first vineyards and set up the original nucleus of the family firm in Alba in the early years of the 20th century. It was in the 60s, however, after Riccardo’s sons Bruno and Marcello joined the company that Ceretto Wines began to make their name internationally known. Close-knit yet very different, the Barolo Brothers (as they are known) set out to gradually improve the quality of their wines by focusing on the concept of terroir, selecting the finest crus of Barolo and Barbaresco.
In Piedmont as in Burgundy, the concepts of micro-climate and terroir are taken very seriously. Growers take great pride in their frequently tiny and fragmented plots and often identify the vineyard as a vigneto or vigna (like the French cru) with its characteristics on the label.
In just over 30 years, the Ceretto brothers created a network of five small independent estates in the Langhe and Roero, with over 150 hectares of vineyards producing outstanding labels such as the Bricco Rocche Barolos, the Bricco Asili Barbarescos, Blangé Arneis, Moscato from Vignaioli di Santo Stefano, Dolcetto, Barbera, Langhe Monsordo and grappas.
Along with their entrepreneurial qualities, the Cerettos also displayed flair and imagination in building their wineries which bear the stamp of famous designers and architects, while the bottle labels are works of graphic art. Believing moreover, that wine is above all culture, the Ceretto support and promote the arts through book prizes, musical events, and food culture.
Now the next generation has joined the family business, working hands-on in all parts of vineyard management and wine production. As Federico, who looks after export markets,
introduced us to some of his top-of-the-range wines, noted the new generation of Cerettos is demonstrating that tradition also means transition.
“We four Cerettos can count on the solid foundations laid by our parents, but we are also looking towards a dynamic future producing fine, age-worthy wines.”
In conclusion, he added, “Wine is about lifestyle and culture, and not just about drinking. I have travelled 6,000 kilometres to India, not to sell wine but to show you the best part of Italy!”
Available in Mumbai
Ceretto, Bricco Rocche, Brunate Barolo, Rs 14063
Ceretto, Bricco Asili, Bernardot,Barbaresco, Rs 11775
Ceretto, Zonchera Barolo , Rs 8535
Ceretto, Asij Barbaresco, Rs 8113
Ceretto, Monsordo Langhe Rosso, Rs 4950
Ceretto,  Blange’ Langhe Arneis, Rs 4050
Ceretto Moscato d’Ast, Rs 3755
Available in Delhi
Ceretto Barolo Zonchera, Rs 9259(duty paid)
Ceretto Asij Barbaresco, Rs 3468(duty free)
Ceretto Langhe Rosso Monsordo, Rs 2356(duty free)
Ceretto Langhe Arnies Blange, Rs 4576(duty paid)
Ceretto Moscato D’Asti, Rs 4238(duty paid)
Ceretto Barolo Brunate, Rs 6057(duty free)
Ceretto Barbaresco Bernardot, Rs 5117(duty free)

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