Paul John XO awarded Gold at World Brandy Awards 2021

Paul John XO has been honoured with a gold at the esteemed World Brandy Awards 2021 hosted in the United Kingdom in the Wine Brandy (World) category. 

The first venture into the premium brandy segment from the makers of Paul John Whisky, Paul John XO is a hundred percent Indian Grape Brandy. 

Made from the famed Ugni Blanc and the rich Bangalore purple grape, Paul John XO is available across several countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and, of course, India. 

“It’s a great honour for our XO to be awarded a Gold at the World Brandy Awards,” said Paul P John, chairman of the company. The wide appreciation of our single malts led me to consider venturing into premium brandy. Through research we discovered Indian grapes such as the Bangalore Purple and the international, Ugni Blanc proffered the rare and exotic flavour profile that was perfect for an XO.

“We chose medium toasted new French barrels from Limousin oak for Paul John XO to ensure that the experienced palate would feel comfortable with the brandy and yet be able to enjoy the exclusive tropical richness that only Paul John XO offers.”