Comment – What has wine got to do with it?

PK poster-r.jpgWine, an innocuous alcoholic beverage with the best associations around the world of the finer things in life, celebrations and camaraderie, routinely gets a bad name in India with the wrong connotations. The misrepresentation is often because roadside kiosks or thekas/ठेका selling all manner of alcohol save wine are known as wine shops.

The latest affront is the screaming headline, “‘PK’ Nude Ad Hits India’s Wine Shops, Too”, with a controversial poster of a near nude Aamir Khan in front of a shop selling liquor. In case you missed the pun, PK stands for पीके or ‘after drinking’ in Hindi with Aamir Khan speaking in Bhojpuri to whoever comes and stands in front of the poster! I don’t know what he says and it’s all very amusing perhaps, but why give wine a bad name?
Reva K. Singh

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