Riding the Recession and the Indian wine consumer

recession_friendly1.jpgIndage Vintners Ltd has introduced a range of value-for-money wines to offer wine drinkers a choice of wines at a time of economic downturn, reports Brinda Gill. The new wines produced at the Indage winery at Narayangaon are being marketed under the brands South Bay, Silverton, Blue Elephant, Mojo and Trio. They are priced between Rs. 100 and 400.

“We believe in offering more value to consumers, especially during these recessionary times when the wine drinker wishes to indulge in good quality at an affordable price,” said Ranjit Chougule, Managing Director, Indage Vintners Ltd, about the latest addition to the company’s wine portfolio.
“We are constantly in the process of expanding the brand portfolio to broaden our offering for both the retailer and the consumer,” he added. “Today a wine drinker wants a good quality wine to suit different occasions. It could be an expensive wine for a special moment or a more affordable option for regular drinking.
“The consumer is becoming more value conscious and this new range will not only offer a good quality wine at reasonable prices, but also provide attractive packaging and the convenience of screw cap bottles.”
The producer’s tasting notes are:
South Bay Shiraz – A garnet red coloured wine with aromas of mulberry and raisins. A hint of oak with firm, well matured tannins on the palate. The finish is warm and long lasting making it as an ideal accompaniment to most meat dishes or on its own as an aperitif. Rs. 396
South Bay Chenin Blanc – A straw coloured white wine with a greenish tint. Intense aromas of citrus and pineapple on the nose. Aromas of ripe tropical fruits with a hint of oak on the palate which adds to the complexity of the wine. Pairs well with cheese, light vegetarian meals or seafood. Rs. 396
Silverton (Red) – A clear, garnet red coloured wine. Spicy aromas of black pepper and cinnamon with firm fruit structure on the mid palate. Soft tannins contribute to a round and smooth finish. Rs. 270
Silverton (White) – A brilliantly clear, pale yellow wine. An intense aroma of figs on the nose well supported by the palate which provides a hint of melons, peach and honey. Rs. 270
Blue Elephant (Red) – A clear ruby red wine. A very fruity character on the mid palate of blackcurrant, plum, raspberry supported by soft and elegant tannins for a long lasting fruit finish. Rs. 204
Blue Elephant (White) – A clear, pale yellow wine. Hints of apple and peach on the nose complemented by the palate of ripe banana and apple. Delicately balanced, medium bodied, persistent length. Ideal as an anytime aperitif. Rs. 204
Mojo (Red) – A ruby red coloured wine. Fruit aromas of blackberry and raspberry with fruity flavoured sweetness on the palate and a long lasting finish. Rs. 204
Mojo (White) – A pale yellow wine. Fresh and young. Intense fruit aromas of bananas and custard apple on the nose that extend into the palate. Pairs well with light dishes or on its own as an aperitif. Rs. 204
Trio (Red) – A deep ruby red coloured wine with pleasant aromas of dry fruits and plum. Palate structure is medium bodied with raspberry and strawberry flavours. Soft and elegant tannins add roundness. Pairs well with almost all cuisines. Rs.144
Trio (White) – A fresh youthful wine with a pale yellow colour. Tropical fruit flavours on the nose and palate. Lends itself to pairing with most food dishes. Rs.144
All prices inclusive of taxes for a 750 ml bottle.

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