Revolutionizing Palates: India’s Artisanal Cheese Landscape

Devati Mallick reports on the Indian cheese brands rolling out a fascinating selection of homegrown artisanal cheeses for your everyday epicurean delight

A presentation box of Begum Victoria cheese produced at Victoria Layout in Bengaluru.

For centuries, wine and cheese have flourished as the perfect partners. Their relationship thrives on the yin-yang principle — cheese is rich and creamy, wine is refreshing. Both flavours combine as opposites to create one exquisite sensation on your palate. In India, cheese is finally coming into its own. It is time to move past the store-bought processed blocks of cheese, or the expensive ones available only in high-end retail shops. It’s time to slowly unwrap the wonders of Bel Paese, Havarti, smoked Scamorza, herb-infused Camembert, exquisite little balls of Bocconcini, Halloumi and more — all handcrafted in India!

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