Screwcap or cork?

Wine bottles with screwcaps are here to stay, but the debate continues about which is better screwcap or cork?
Screwcaps eliminate the risk of cork taint and make opening a bottle of wine so much easier. However, screwcaps are not appropriate for all wines. I like serious red wines that are produced for ageing to be under cork. Corks prevent reduction (the opposite of oxidation) when you open the bottle. Screwcaps are best with aromatic white wines, rosés and reds made for early drinking.

Wines to drink 

Fratelli’s Vitae series (Rs 1,600) and the master selection, M|S White and M|S Red (Rs 1,170). Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco (Rs 880) and Fratelli Sangiovese red (Rs 930).

Grover Zampa’s Art collection wines (Rs 710).

Among international wines, Torres de Toro is a robust red made from Garnacha and Cariñena grapes (Rs 1,860) and Tarapaca’s Chardonnay is an easy-drinking white (Rs1,600).


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