Promising Riesling Encounter with the Indian Market


Sunrise at ‘Doctor’ vineyard in the Mosel, Germany

Since 130 years Weingut Wegeler Wine Estate has been producing exclusively high-quality Riesling in the most famous vineyards of the Rhine and the Mosel mostly through manual work with traditional and ecological wine-growing techniques. Their best known vineyards in the Rheingau include the Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg and the Oestricher Lenchen. At the Mosel, they also own parts of the bespoke Doctor (pictured, above) and the Wehlener Sonnenuhr vineyards.

2002_Oestricher_Lenchen_750ml_VC_2000pxWegeler was part of a delegation comprising Germany’s top winemakers, including Weingut Egon Muller, Weingut Georg Breuer, Weingut Keller and Weingut St Urbans-Hof, who participated in a Riesling Festival organised by Rajiv Kehr, president of the Delhi chapter of the International Wine and Food Society.

The versatility of their Rieslings, from dry and crispy Grosse Gewächse and Kabinetts to the more classic sweet wines like Spätlesen and Auslesen presented to a distinguished audience of private individuals as well as trade professionals during the Riesling Festival paired very well with Indian dishes.

“Due to the enthusiasm encountered throughout the Festival we believe that India bears great potential for our wines,” said Wegeler’s Barbara Engerer. “We are now looking for a suitable partner to distribute a selected range of our wines in this very promising market.”

 Look out for a more comprehensive feature on the Riesling Festival in the next edition of Sommelier India Wine Magazine




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