Sommelier India interviews Wine Enthusiast Publisher

Sommelier India interviewed Adam Strum, Publisher of Wine Enthusiast Magazine which is the largest Wine Media Company in the world. Read the exclusive interview below. Adam Strum will be visiting India this December to learn more about the Indian wine market.

[Editor] Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with wine?
[Adam Strum] My father worked for Ernest Gallo of the famous E&J Gallo Winery during the 50s and 60s when wine was just beginning to be understood by Americans. I think that India is much like the U.S. was then and now people are just learning about the pleasures of wine.
[Editor] You currently edit Wine Enthusiast. What’s the publication about and who are its readers?
[Adam Strum] Wine Enthusiast magazine and our website are about the pleasures of the “lifestyle of wine”. The is to say travel, food, entertainment and how the image and mystic of wine enhances all of these experiences, Wine Enthusiast Companies is the largest Wine Media company in the world and we publish more than 15 million wine related publications a year. We are in both commerce and media. If you check out our web site you will see all of our products relating to wine that enhance wine. Our media magazine web site is the aforementioned We have other wine related companies as such as events and dinners and wholesale wine related products companies for resale.
[Editor] What do you like most about working in the wine world and what is the most troubling piece of it?
[Adam Strum] You meet wonderful people in the wine world. Sophisticated, intelligent and stimulating and there is no substitute for the pleasures which you can derive from a delicious glass of unique wine. I can’t think of anything in the wine world that troubles me?
[Editor] What are your views on the movie Mondovino? Has wine making lost its essence?
[Adam Strum] Mondovino is a farce and totally contrived for controversy where there is none. Wine is so exciting and there is so much to learn about. Once you realize how little you know about wine that is the first sign that you are starting to understand it’s essence.
[Editor] How does the Indian wine market appear to someone like yourself in the west?
[Adam Strum] Totally a naissance business and starting to be appreciated by the upper class of the Indian people. I will learn allot more when I visit.
[Editor] Do Indian wines have a presence in America or in Europe for that matter?
[Adam Strum] I have not seen or tasted any Indian wines yet but I am anxious to try them very much.
[Editor] What do Indian wines need to do to grow that presence?
[Adam Strum] I will know more after my visit and understand the wineries and the people who operate them.
[Editor] Have you tried any Indian wines? If so, which are you favorite?
[Adam Strum] I look forward to tasting my first Indian wine.
[Editor] What’s your favorite wine in the world? (Irrespective of the region)
[Adam Strum] This is the most difficult question since I love so many wines for so many different reasons. I guess it has to do with where I am and what is happening in my life.
[Editor] Do you have any advice for wine lovers when it comes to nurturing their interest in India?
[Adam Strum] India is a land of so many cultures and fascinating people so my advice would be to use all of your senses listening, smelling, tasting, observing and touching before you make opinions about what you may perceive to be true
[Editor] Do you have any suggestions for Sommelier India?
[Adam Strum] I have not seen a copy of your publication but If they have excellent interviewers like you than Sommelier India has a bright future.
[Editor] Thank you for participating in this interview.

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