Sommelier India Issue 4, From the Editor

jancis1_july.jpg The issue of The Wine Magazine that you hold in your hands is bigger than previous issues. We seem to be running out of pages all the time! There is so much to report about the world of wine that I have a hard time selecting topics and maintaining a balance between stories of interest to newcomers and established players in the wine business – articles that are informative, educational or newsy and yet entertaining. Your issue should have reached you by now.

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An article that appeared earlier may sometimes fill a gap, and I know of many subscribers who save their copies and refer back to them. To assist you, we have added an Index of past issues in the SI Listings. It’s still not perfect or as precise as I’d like it to be, but we are working on it.
In her column this month Jancis Robinson points out that information about wine is lagging behind the growth of producers around the world. We equally bemoan the shortage of good wine retailers in our cities. Wine, unlike most other alcoholic beverages, is surrounded by history, geography, chemistry, culture, language, friends, food and celebrations. But we also need educated retailers from whom we can buy wine. Look out for a review of wine stores in future issues.
Discover what Michel Rolland, long-standing consultant to Grover Vineyards, has to say in his interview on page 14. Alok Chandra dines at Masala Klub, Bangalore (page 26) and comments on wine with Indian food.
Ranjit Dhuru, the moving spirit behind Château d’Ori wines is smitten by the Bordeaux style, reveals Brinda Gill in her article on page 10. If Bordeaux en primeur prices (page 21) are not to your liking, and you are neither a collector nor an investor in wine futures, you can at least savour the style with wines from the Château d’Ori portfolio.
Personal Preference and Wine Primer return with this issue while Viticulture 101 by Stefan Gerber is a new column. Michèle Shah introduces us to top Italian designers such as Salvatore Ferragamo (page 28) who have turned their talents to wine producing and also offer bed and breakfast accommodation.
There’s very much more to read in this issue which you can discover for yourselves. Meanwhile, thank you for all the wonderful feedback we’ve received about the blog and print edition. It makes our task well worth the challenges!
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– Reva K Singh

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