Successful Organic Wine Show 2014, Montpellier

Organic, sustainable winemaking is gaining increasing momentum, all over the world. The proof of this was the very successful – International Organic Wine Show 2014 – that took place between January 27 and 29 in Montpellier, France.

Apart from organic wine producers, wine-lovers and businessmen who were a part of the 21st edition of Millesime Bio at the International Organic Wine Show – 4,200 people visited this informative event.
It all started with the birth of the trade association – Sudvinbio in 1991. Over a period of time, Sudvinbio contributed to the growth of organic wines of Languedoc-Roussillon and other places, through its mission-oriented activities.
As the main international platform for the organic wine-making sector, the event attracted a large number of visitors and buyers (+13%), including a substantial proportion of wine merchants plus 787 certified organic exhibitors.
Twenty per cent of the participants and visitors were from overseas including rofessionals from Benelux (19.6%), Scandinavia (15.6%), Germany (14%), North America* (11%) and Asia** (6.8%). The 787 exhibitors represented 12 nationalities led by France, Spain and Italy.

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