The 7th SulaFest rocks Nashik

susheelaraman1.jpgSula, the largest producer of wines in our country has become something of a lodestar for the Indian wine industry. Think wine in India and the first name of recall is Sula. This is due to many out of the box initiatives, not least among them is SulaFest, now in its seventh year. The recent edition was a cool mix of food, fashion, music and shopping. Left: Susheela Raman, acclaimed British-Indian star, draws an appreciative crowd

This year, in the beginning of February, the Sula winery in Nashik was transformed into a visual feast for two days, as national and international bands such as Gypsy All Stars (Spain, France), Dub Pistols (UK), Shpongle (UK), Gaudi Live (UK), Avial (India), Susheela Raman (India-UK) set the stage ablaze with their music.
While the beat got the crowd into the groove, there were enough fashion events such as the launch of a brand of jeans by achic fashion label and a fashion show with top international models, to raise everybody’s style quotient.
Food lovers were able to treat themselves to desserts, café food, Italian dishes and several other delicious choices at the Fest, as Little Italy, Bakewell, Maroosh, Oye Punjabi, 11 East Street Cafe and Urban Spice set up stalls. There was also enough retail therapy with merchandise from Scherezaad, Istoleit, Princess K & Big Bag Theory.
Cecilia  Oldne, Rajeev Samant and__ Mohit Burman at SulaFest 2014.jpgOverall, the fest had a young vibe that was aptly summed up by Sula’s CEO, Rajeev Samant, “Great food. Super libations. Amazing music. Cool crowd. What an amazing day out, what could be better!!” Left: Cecilia Oldne, Rajeev Samant and Mohit Burman

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