The Isabella Spagnolo Collection launches in India

The Isabella Spagnolo Collection 1.jpg.jpgDo you wish to enjoy sparkling wine yet give it a miss as you don’t drink alcohol? If yes, then here is a stylish offering that has just been launched in the Indian market, writes Brinda Gill. The Isabella Spagnolo Collection features a choice fashion drinks that are produced in the style of sparkling wines without the alcohol.

The collection has been specially designed by Italian fashion super model Isabella Spagnolo for those who would love to pop a bottle of bubbly yet do not drink alcohol for various personal reasons, including religious, health, medical, age or if they happen to be driving.
“It was while walking the ramp at fashion shows in the Gulf and also in international fashion capitals as an Armani super model that Isabella observed Muslim guests sipping on soft drinks. She felt it would be really nice it they could enjoy a non-alcoholic sparkling wine”, says Anup Bhatia, National Brand Representative, Isabella No Alcohol Collections, and Promoter, Imported Brands Marketeers India.
So years later drawing on her PhD in Bio Science and Economics, Isabella worked at producing a 100% vegetarian non-alcoholic fashion drink while following a wine production process that holds a world patent. The drinks are produced from high quality Glera grapes (the same variety that is used for producing Prosecco wines in Italy’s Veneto region) and follow the Prosecco production process.
The process for producing the Isabella range is distinct in that these are not wines from which the alcohol has been removed, but are produced in a way that the juice of crushed grapes is not allowed to ferment in the first place.
With delicate flavours, soft hues, infused with the effervescence of sparkling wines, light and refreshing, the drinks recreate the pleasures of popping a bubbly as they are styled just like sparkling wines, complete with the traditional champagne style bottles with natural cork that pop loudly when opened.
The drink is available in different variants: Isabella Spagnolo Ice, Isabella Spagnolo Ice Pink, Isabella Spiritzz, and Venice Dreams that comes in Gold, Silver and Red. Swarovski and Celebration editions will be available in India from June. The drinks have been launched in Hyderabad and Pune, and will shortly appear in Mumbai and then gradually across other Indian cities. The price ranges from Rs 3,795 to Rs 2,265.
Both Anup Bhatia, and Vijay Kutty, Managing Director, Elkay Spirits Pvt Ltd and Millennium Spirits Pvt Ltd, who has the Pune distributorship of the collection, say the drinks have had a great response from a cross section of consumers specially Jains, Marwaris, Gujaratis and Muslims as it makes for a perfect celebration drink with the style of a champagne without the alcohol. Bhatia adds it is a perfect drink for everyone on a dry day!
The brand is marketed by Imported Brands Marketeers India. E

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