The Mighty Grape – now in a Jar!

Grapes are an amazing powerhouse of nutrients that not only benefit our health, but taste great also. A glass of red wine is said to have tremendous health benefits. So why not give it to our kids for breakfast? Sounds absurd? Well, now we can, thanks to “DeVine”, the brainchild of an Australian Winemaker – Robert Thumm, says Suneeta Sodhi Kanga.
Right: Robert Thumm – Winemaker and developer of DeVine
Robert Thumm-DeVine.jpg

Robert’s passion for the family business began over 25 years ago. Having gained a Diploma in Oenology, he worked at many famous European wineries and has been running the family’s wine business successfully ever since. Robert was also involved in developing tourism at Chateau Yaldara and was the founder of the national wine club, “The Great Barossa Club”.
It was due to his interest in the medical benefits of wine that he spent many years developing a highly nutritional product from pure grape juice, resulting in DeVine super spread – a food for the 21st century.
Regular consumption of red wine is often credited for the ‘French Paradox’– a term coined to describe why the French enjoy a relatively low risk of cardiovascular disease despite a diet that is high in factors that contribute to heart disease. Indeed, studies indicate that red wine confers significant health benefits. The discovery that the resveratrol obtained in red wine provides cardioprotective benefits has prompted extensive research into its potential.

DeVine jars.jpg.1.jpgComing from the sun laden vineyards of Australia,”DeVine” captures all the goodness of nature and solar energy at its best. “DeVine” is an all natural energy and nutrient enhancing grape food that provides a potent antioxidant-protection system. Made from pure grape and fruit juices, it is chemical and preservative free and highly nutritious. It is rich in minerals and vitamins and tasty too.
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The health conscious parent can offer this versatile concentrated food as an alternative to jams and honey or combined with cereals at breakfast. It can also be used as a natural sweetener for coffee, tea, on confectionary as glazes, or for desserts, milkshakes and sauces.
So, the next time you want to indulge in a healthy snack or serve a divine breakfast, all you need to do is reach for a jar of Devine and count resveratrol v/s cholesterol.
DeVine is being imported by A To Z trading P Ltd, a Delhi based company and will be available in all leading stores, hotels and selected airlines from February onwards. The tentative price for a 220gm jar is Rs.250/-

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