The Royal Kiss and Innovative Wine Products

In addition to the many fine classic labels imported into the country, India is now seeing a variety of new wine products coming in. XL Wines with its tall elegant bottles reminiscent of the world of perfumes is one of them. Cool Cache with its top quality semi-sparkling wines in cans is another and so is the Royal Kiss range. Avininder Singh reports on these new imports from Eppur Impex. xlwines2.jpg

XL WINES: Time for some wine
If you were Laurent Duménil, 40 years of age, born and bred in a wine barrel and you had collaborated with Ludovic Remaury, 12 years your junior, to invent, that’s right invent, five new wines, wouldn’t you be as pleased as Punch if the French President, H.E. Nicolas Sarkozy and Madame Carla Sarkozy chose to felicitate you and salute your product by serving three of your major wines at a Mediterranean lunch during the Fête Nationale on the occasion of Bastille Day, 2008?
XL Wines is a 100% French company dealing in premium wines. The wines are sourced from the Mediterranean region, stretching from Languedoc to Provence and the Rhône Valley. Laurent Duménil and Ludovic Remaury came together to form the trading company which consists of eight associates.
XL Wines have dispensed with the respectable old Bordeaux bottle. Their wines come in tall, elegant bottles reminiscent of the world of perfumes or great olive oils. And in tandem with this new style, dull labels have been discarded in favour of unmatched metallic serigraphy. No domain name, grape variety or origin – just pure pleasure.
The wines are:
11.30 am A fresh and aromatic white wine composed of Chardonnay (aged for some time in an oak barrel), Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier, ideal with with a tapas selection
12.30 pm A sharp, expressive and refreshing rosé wine blended with Cinsault, Syrah and Grenache grapes. Chilled, it pairs well with citrus steamed fish and pickled lemon grass.
8.30 pm Gourmet, cordial, fruity, spiced and delicate red wine made from Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Carignan grapes. A romantic Red, the wine isrecommended with Foie gras bonbons and red beetroot chips.
And, if that’s not startling enough, XL Wines also produces JET LAG WINES available in both Red and White.
Move over screwtops, Cool Cache is here
You are travelling or going picnicking or just chilling out in front of the TV. You want your wine, but can’t be bothered with all that fuss with corkscrews or even screw tops, well don’t – now just pop open a CAN OF WINE!
Cool Cache, the newest way to enjoy high caliber, single-serve alcoholic refreshment was launched in 2007 and features two top quality semi-sparkling wine ranges, in 200 ml cans.
The Austrian range is from Vienna-based Johan Katus Organization, producers of sparkling wine since 1890:
• Cuvée Blonde – a noble and classic Frizzanti produced from Gruner Veltliner and Welschriesling grapes
• Rosé Cuvée – a delicate pink coloured Frizzanti produced from Zweigelt grapes
The Italian range is produced from the finest grape varieties grown and sourced from the coveted Italian Veneto region
• Prosecco (Delle Venezie – Crystal) tastes of fresh, green apples and citrus fruit
• Rosato (Vino Frizzanti – Rosé) has accents of strawberries, apples and cherries; produced from Merlot grapes.
• Marzemino (Vino Frizzanti – Ruby) has rich accents of dark, ripe summer fruit; produced from the famous Marzemino grape.
The cans are 100% recyclable and 4 cans weigh almost 500 grams less than the average bottle of wine – less space occupied, more efficient transportation, reduction in transport related emissions – so Cool Cache is environmentally cool too!

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royalkiss1.jpg Royal Kiss: Sealed with a kiss
The Thiebaud family based in Bole-Switzerland and working in the vineyards of Neuchatel since 1356 are one of the oldest families in the area. Their own winery dates back to 1834.
Today, Olivier Thiebaud is the head of the family business, assisted by his wife Carole and fifteen dedicated staff. He is the sixth generation in the concern and guardian of over 170 years’ experience in the wine business. The wines developed at Thiebaud range from light sparkling wines, such as Frizzanti, to top of the line sparklers, such as Cuvées Prestige Louis Thiebaud.
Our focus, here, is on Thiebaud’s totally contemporary Royal Kiss line which combines innovation and creativity and brings us sparkling wine flavoured with litchi, black currant, lime and even pina colada!

So, if you’re romancing the girlfriend or serenading the wife seal it with a Royal Kiss.
For more information, contact Romi Bhalla, e-mail: Mobile: 9818999888

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  1. Kudos Avininder, great article. There are a couple of things I would like to contribute here. One of the qualities of XL Wines is their great versatality to pair with multi cuisines, two years of research was put into, just so the wines can be consumed as aperitifs and go well with all international cuisines. A perfect example is the wines being poured at Concorde lafayette in Paris in their multi cuisine restaurent “The Lafayette” The noble grape blends give the wines layers of aromas and tastes.
    Its a saying that “the Swiss never export their wines” one such exception is Royal Kiss a wine and fruit cocktail with low alcohol content of 7.5% that again pairs with all cuisines especially Indian and is excellent with desserts as well. It is a privilege to serve this royal sparkling that has an addictive taste.

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