Tickle your taste buds with Amarula and a touch of love this Valentine’s

Amarula cream liqueur from South Africa
Amarula cream liqueur from South Africa

February 8, 2018: Never heard of Amarula? It’s a much-loved cream liqueur with a lovely fruity flavour originating from South Africa, Amarula Cream (17% alcohol by volume) is made with sugar, cream and the fruit of the African marula tree known locally as the Elephant tree. The Marula tree bears fruit once a year. Elephants enjoy eating the fruit and travel for miles to get a taste, drawn by its exotic scent. Because of the marula tree’s association with elephants, the distiller has made them its symbol and supports elephant conservation efforts.

Once the ripe marula fruit has been gathered, the stones and skin are removed, and the flesh is fermented like a wine. After fermentation, the marula wine is distilled, first in column stills and then in copper pot stills and aged for two years before it is blended with cream. Amarula is often used in Cocktails and there are quite a few you can try. (See the recipes given here.) It can also be drunk neat to savour its slightly citrusy, caramel taste. I like it best on ice.

Amarula Cream Liqueur is imported and distributed by Aspri Spirits, one of the country’s leading importers of wine and spirits. MRP: Delhi – Rs. 2,830 (750ml). Mumbai – Rs. 4,990 (750ml) and Rs. 2,495 (375ml). Bangalore – Rs. 4,439 (750ml) and Rs. 2,045 (375ml)

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