Tipsy Wine Law. Children not to observe tastings

winelaw1.jpgThe Indian wine industry are not the only ones with unusual laws regarding the sale and consumption of wine that seem a little out of touch to say the least. Maine, a state in the USA, has recently passed a law prohibiting children from “observing” the tasting of wines.

The law includes this language, ” “Taste-testing activities must be conducted in a manner that precludes the possibility of observation by children.”
As Dr. Vino’s wine blog reported it raises the question – is it permissible to hear slurping and sipping? This law is sure to hurt small retailers who often conduct in-store promotional wine tastings. Maine has a history of unusual laws relating to the sale of alchohol. In1849 Maine enacted a law that “punishes by imprisonment any person not licensed who should sell during any cattle show or fair any intoxicating drink.”
This recent law follows an Alabama court ruling preventing the reproduction of a 1895 bicycling nude nymph label on a wine bottle. The wine had already sold about 600,000 cases. the nymph label was not pornographic by any means.

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