Used Barrel Blues

Oak barrels are essential but costly items in the inventory of a winery. The quality of the wine produced depends as much on the vineyard where the vines grow as on how the grapes are received in the winery and the vessels in which they are fermented or matured. The question is what can be done with old, used barrels?

For many wine growers and distillers, not just in India but around the world, this is a matter of some concern. Around four to five million new barrels are produced in the world each year, with 500,000 in France alone. After they have been used for wine and spirit vinification, the time comes to sell them on. Tonnellerie Baron, along with their historic business and expertise in the manufacture of barrels since 1875, has come up with a new service, the first of its kind, online market for secondhand barrels, called “REOAKED — The Used Barrel Marketplace for Winemakers and Distillers”. To find out more, contact Lionel Kreff, co-director of Tonnellerie Baron and co-founder of Reoaked. E:

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